Alex L. Walker

About The Author

Alex L. Walker, who has three teenage children, has been passionate about children’s upbringing since he was 14 years old, back when he didn’t even have a girlfriend yet. He focuses on nurturing creativity, compassion, confidence, and capability in young minds. Through his engaging books, he teaches children important life lessons.

He created the ‘Journey to Joyful Learning – Cosmic Kids’ book series. The series follows the children of scientists in space as they learn lessons through adventurous and fun space journeys. Each book concludes with interactive questions that encourage creativity, offer moral teachings, provide character insights, and promote artistic expression. It’s also a useful resource for parents and teachers to better connect with their children.

Besides writing, Alex enjoys gardening, beekeeping, and playing table tennis at the local club. Join him on this amazing storybook journey and watch your child grow, learn, and flourish with the timeless wisdom within these pages.

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