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Book 1

Cosmic Kids

Spacewalk to Kindness

Join Astra Lumin, a brave and curious navigator, on a journey that will help young readers learn about the power of kindness, empathy, and caring. Astra is really excited about her upcoming spacewalk when she meets Hurgul, an alien kid who is scared and nervous.
Astra remembers her mom’s advice to always care for others, and as they journey through the vastness of the galaxy, Astra and Hurgul come closer together, understanding the importance of friendship and kindness by helping each other.

With a heartwarming story and eye-catching illustrations, “Spacewalks to Kindness” is the perfect book for children to discover the value of empathy and compassion. Part of the “Cosmic Kids” series, this book will help readers blast off on an epic adventure of kindness and understanding!

Cosmic Kids

Escape Pod of Gratitude

Embark on a heartwarming journey with Astra Lumin and her cosmic companions in the second installment of the “Cosmic Kids” series, titled “Escape Pod of Gratitude.”

When Astra, Hurgul, and 5Y-D decide that the Nova Flash feels too snug, they set their sights on the excitement of an asteroid field. Little do they know that their quest for adventure will lead to a wild ride in an escape pod. As they face challenges and discover the true meaning of home, readers will be captivated by the trio’s cosmic escapade.
In “Escape Pod of Gratitude,” young readers will join the trio on an intergalactic adventure filled with excitement, humor, friendship, and valuable life lessons. With captivating illustrations and a story that resonates with warmth, this book is a delightful addition to the series, offering a cosmic perspective on the importance of gratitude and the unbreakable ties that bind us across the vastness of space. Get ready for a gratitude-filled ride that will leave hearts soaring among the stars!

Cosmic Kids

Space Station Respect

Welcome to the Nova Flash, where the kitchen is a gateway to the stars! In the pages of ‘Journey to Joyful Learning: Cosmic Kids – Space Station Respect young readers are invited aboard an extraordinary spaceship on a mission filled with flavor and fun. Meet Hurgul. a blobby alien with a taste for adventure: Astra Lumin, a human child whose imagination is as vast as the universe: and 5Y-D. a robot with logic as sharp as his culinary skills.
Join them as they compete in the Annual Intergalactic Cookoff at the Respect Space Station. Mixing planetary pizzas, moon-bog slime, and atomic batteries, their kitchen becomes a universe of wonders. Beyond the tasty creations, the story imparts a heartwarming lesson on respect. friendship. and embracing differences. This vibrant book offers a delightful blend of excitement and enlightenment, making it a must-read for young adventurers. Take a bite of the universe with the Nova Flash. where respect is the ultimate prize!

Cosmic Kids

The Power of Curiosity

Meet Astra Lumin, a young and eager space explorer: her blobby alien companion. Hurgul: and 5V-D. a robot with a desire for speed. When their spaceship receives the Curiosity, a seemingly mundane telescope. little do they know that this new tool will be their saving grace.
Explore the unknown powers of dark matter with Astra Lumin. Hurgul, and 5V-D in ‘Journey to Joyful Learning: Cosmic Kids – The Power of Curiosity. Aboard the Nova Flash. they encounter a mysterious telescope. the Curiosity, which becomes their key to overcoming an unexpected challenge in a dark matter cluster. Can their curious minds save them from the draining dullness?
In this thrilling space odyssey, join the crew in a tale of adventure and science. Journey to Joyful Learning: Cosmic Kids’ isn’t just about space: it’s a celebration of learning joy and the endless possibilities seen through a different lens. Prepare to be captivated by a tale that will inspire young readers to look up at the stars and dream big.

Cosmic Kids

A Listening Ear

In the depths of space, on the spaceship Nova Flash. three friends are about to learn that listening is just as important as exploring. When the trio gets their hands on a mysterious power cell from the strange Lobian delegation. their adventure takes a turn they never expected. Bright lights, zaps, and chaos ensue!
Can Astra. Hurgul. and 5Y-D fix the mess they’ve made before it’s too late? Will they learn the true power of paying attention? Join them as they discover that sometimes, the biggest adventures come from the smallest mistakes.
Filled with fun illustrations, quirky gadgets, and a story that will have you both laughing and learning. the series Journey to Joyful Learning: Cosmic Kids’ is the perfect read for young space explorers and budding scientists. So, strap in and prepare for a journey that’s as educational as it is entertaining!

Inspiration Behind Our Children's Story Books

Our series is born from a deep passion for enriching children’s lives through quality storytelling. Each book is not just a tale, but a tool for cultivating vital life qualities in young minds. Our 35 stories weave adventures that foster kindness, curiosity, courage, and resilience. They teach empathy, responsibility, and the joy of learning, all while entertaining with imaginative narratives.
These books are crafted to nurture well-rounded individuals, equipped to positively impact their world. They offer lessons in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, active listening, flexibility and more. For parents, educators, and mentors, these stories are provide a way to guide children in their growth and self-discovery.

Interactive questions at each book’s end enhance creative thinking, impart moral lessons, and encourage artistic expression. By investing in these books, you’re investing in your child’s future, helping them grow into compassionate, confident, and capable individuals. Join us on this enriching storybook journey and witness your child thrive.

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