Alex L. Walker

Journey of the Nova Flash: Spacewalk to Kindness

Join Astra Lumin, a brave and curious navigator, on a journey that will help young readers learn about the power of kindness, empathy, and caring. Astra is really excited about her upcoming spacewalk when she meets Hurgul, an alien kid who is scared and nervous.
Astra remembers her mom’s advice to always care for others, and as they journey through the vastness of the galaxy, Astra and Hurgul come closer together, understanding the importance of friendship and kindness by helping each other.
With a heartwarming story and eye-catching illustrations, “Spacewalks to Kindness” is the perfect book for children to discover the value of empathy and compassion. Part of the “Journey of the Nova Flash” series, this book will help readers blast off on an epic adventure of kindness and understanding!


Print length

30 Pages

Reading Age

3-9 years



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